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3D Printed Shoes You Can Actually Wear.

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Projects & Experiments

  • A ready-to-wear 3D-printed bikini. A breakthrough in fashion + technology.

  • Our online social dress design app. Striking digital print design for the Tumblr/Instagram generation.

  • An infinite user-generated little black dress collection. Create your design online.


Continuum is led by designer/technologist Mary Huang. Part design label, part lab, Continuum has been a pioneer in ideas such as software based fashion collections and 3D printing. A number of our pieces have been showcased by leading press and museums internationally.

  • Got some artisanal small batch open source pcbs
  • Sewing corner at the SVA VFL fab lab
  • Brim for this print made a cool jagged edge pattern!
  • 1:6 scale prints perfectly well. Anyone have a giant 3D printer? 😀
  • Or how about some #pizza ? 🍕😀
  • Taking a break. Made a #grid ice cream cone 😀
  • Always been a fan of those old timey fashion engravings. Here's my take with some help from #3d rendering magic
  • Hypothetical #fashion show in #Escher land
  • More to come 😉
  • This is oddly easier to do by hand irl than on the computer